Flow Transmitter Dealers & Distributors

Flow Meters

We offer Flow meters with accuracy & reliability for metering liquid viz. Water, Petroleum, Chemical, Liquids etc. Various Connection Types and MOC available.

Nominal Size 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm upto 600mm
  • Positive displacement flow meter
  • Vortex flow meter
  • DP / Orifice flow meter
  • Electromagnetic flow meter
  • Turbine flow meter
  • Oval Gear flow meter
  • Mass flow meter
Total flow and instantaneous flow display on a digital LCD. Meter face can be oriented to any angle upward or downward over 180 degrees.
  • Mass flow meter for Gas service
  • Coriollis Mass flow meter
  • SV meters (critical nozzles)
  • Turbo Steam meter
  • Ultrasonic Gas flow meter
  • Boiler feed water
  • Cement Machinery
  • Fuel Oil metering
  • Continuous measurement of Industrial water, discharged water, flow fluids with suspended solids
  • Batch processes in chemical plants, blending or filling, processes in the food, pharmaceutical, paint, petroleum and chemical industries

Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Non-intrusive flow measurement from outsides of the pipe.

Duosonics is a new concept ultrasonics flowmeter utilizing pulse doppler and transit time method as the worldwide first. Portable and fixed type transit time with BTU calculation is also available.

Nominal Size 25mm to 1200mm also upto 6000mm (Advanced type)
0.5" to 235" (Portable)
  • Ultrasonic Liquid Flow & BTU measurement
  • Ultrasonic flow meter for air
  • Duosonics
  • Portable Flow Meter
  • M-Flow Ultrasonics Flow Meter
  • Time-Delta-C Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Benefits of Ultrasonic Flow Meter
  • Cost Savings
  • No Maintenance
  • No Pressure Loss
  • No Plugging/Clogging
  • No Corrosion
  • No Leakage
  • Easily Mounted on existing pipe

Flow Switches

Size 1/4"to 40"
  • Paddle
  • Piston
  • Vane Type
  • Magnetic
  • Nucleonic
  • Thermal Dispersion
Maximum Pressure 500°C and Maximum Pressure 160 bar with radiating fins.