Pneumatic Actuators In Mumbai

Heavy Duty Actuators - Auma/Rotork/Limitorque Equivalent

Single Phase / Three Phase
Quarter turn / Multi turn
AC 230V 50Hz, 24 VDC
Self Locking most models
Rated Torque upto 1,02,000 Nm
Features Smart Type - Data Logger, Infra-red Tool, Torque sensing, HART.
Applications Fan Dampers, Valves with Rising Stem, Flap Gates, Shutter Valves, Fuel Feed Mechanisms, Blower Pitch Regulators, Fart Blades, Pitch Adjusters, Fluid Couplings for Speed Control and many more similar applications.

Standard Actuators

Manual override, Visual Position Indicator, Safety Fuses, Conforming to IP - 65.
AC 24,110,220V 50Hz, 24 VDC
Operating pressure upto 8.5 bar
Torque Output upto 70 Nm
Applications Control valves carrying diverse liquids & gases such as water, air, steam, oils, corrosive fluids & many others

AC/DC Electrical Actuator from Korea

Weatherproof Electric Actuator uniquely designed for small quarter turn valve such as Ball, Butterfly, Plug valves, Dampers, Operating turn tables, and similar usage
AC85 - 265V ~/ 1 PH, 24 VDC
Mounting Base Standard ISO 5211 (F03/F04/F05) standard 4 limit switches
Indicator Mechanical position indicator & LED lamp indicator
Torque Output 4 kg m/40 nm
Applications Automation of small torque quarter turn valves, devices assuring trouble free operations


High Torque, Low Inertia Motor.
AC 24,110,230V 50Hz
DC 12,24 V
Rated Torque upto 30 Nm
Features & Applications IP65 enclosure protection.
Microprocessor based Programmable 4-20mA Interface.
-15 to 80°C Ambient Temperature.
Available -factory mounted on Butterfly/Ball/Dampers etc.

RUB Italy make Low Cost compact electric actuators

RUB make compact electric actuators suitable for ball valves up to size 1 inch.

Features and Specification

  • Compact in size to use in restricted space.
  • Power supply 230V AC 50 Hz / 24V AC 50-60 Hz
  • Torque output up to 5 Nm
  • Operating time 20-25 seconds.
  • Working temperature -20°c to 80°c
  • Micro switches for open and close signals.
  • Direct mount on valve for perfect shaft alignment.
  • Actuator has passed successfully 1000000 cycle life test